Passionately Pursued By Love

Passionately Pursued by Love is a devotional written to ignite a zeal for God within every woman – a  passion to pursue the same love that pursues them daily. God desires to draw each of us into His heart, and in His heart rests our identity, our worth, and our truth. God is committed to each of us daily, and this book helps women see that He is calling us to a deeper understanding of His love which will transform our lives forever.

Woman Arise

Woman, Arise will walk with you through every aspect of your life: overcoming your past, having an intimate relationship with God, and walking into your purpose. Women were created to transform anything; an empty room becomes a home at the touch and imagination of a woman. It’s time for women to arise into their God-given identities. Many women are long overdue to truly operate in their full potential. This book may cause you to look within, to uproot the old, and to allow newness to spring forth. You will be encouraged, empowered, and challenged to go to a place God longs for you to be, a place where you know God, your identity, and your purpose. You were designed to be dynamic, great, and powerful in a time when the world needs you the most. Arise, woman, into your God-given position!

I believe you, little one (Revised version)

I Believe You Little One validates the voice of children. The book encourages children to find their voice. It affirms that children are very important to everyone. So much so that everyone acknowledges their presence with affirming words and actions.


The purpose of Renewed is to give women tools, principles, and revelations from the Word of God that can be used to empower, encourage, and ignite HOPE within their lives. Renewed is birthed out of God’s heart and my passion for women. I want to see women thriving in all aspects of their lives. I truly believe God desires each of us to be whole – having each area of our lives touched by God’s healing hands.